New Member Flies to Bahamas

I’m the new SB Aero Club / EAA #527 Secretary. Hope you like this new Club/Chapter website. Please consider learning how to share your photos and/or news. You can start by making Comments or putting something on the email list, but it’s actually even easier to make Posts once you get signed up.

If even a few members start making Posts and adding things to the email list, it would help a lot by letting prospective members see that we’re a friendly and helpful group. To get started or for help, please contact Still or Carl.

We’ll be gone for a while flying our 172Q from SBA to the Caribbean, then the FL Keys, then to DC, NYC, Boston and home with of course plenty more stops along the way. About ten thousand miles, if we follow Plan A. We’ve found our Big Adventures often end up very different from our plans though.

Islander Adventure - Plan A

Islander Adventure – Plan A

If you’d like to follow our progress and see some of our favorite photos, comment there, or contact us directly via email, check out our blog and the Photo Page it links to:

Shall we post something here occasionally too? Any suggestions for things to see or avoid along this general path?

Happy Flying -j

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