How To Post – Media

For those helpful members who have signed up to add content on our website, here are some pointers on adding images to Posts. Please contact us if you’d like to join the volunteers learning to contribute on the website. It’s quick to learn, there’s plenty of instant help online, hands on training is available, and it’s easier to use than most word processors once you get used to it. Best of all there’s no written, oral, or flight exam. 🙂

  1. Put the cursor where you want the image in the main body of the Post.
  2. Click the Add Media button.
    1. If the Media is already in the Library, select it.
    2. If the Media isn’t in the Libary, click Upload Files. Now you can either drag and drop files from your computer’s folder, or click Select Files to navigate through your computer folders to the files. Once the file upload process has begun, you will automatically be taken back to the Media Library page.
  3. In the left column you will see a thumbnail box for each item with a checkmark indicating it is selected, an image if the item upload is complete, and a progress bar if it’s not finished yet.  If you uploaded multiple files, click Clear near the bottom of the page to remove all the checkmarks unless you’d like all items to have the same details in the page. Otherwise select the first item you’d like to put in your Post, so it has a checkmark.
  4. In the right column of the Media Library page you will find boxes where you can put the Attachment Details (name, caption, etc.) you’d like associated with each Media item.
    Media Attachment Details

    Media Attachment Details

    Title is the box where you choose what will be displayed in the Media Library for this item, and you can change it from the title automatically created from the file name or not as you wish. If you choose to leave Caption blank there will be no caption or border displayed on the item in the Post. Generally you’ll want to put a brief caption in this box as I did (“Media Attachment Details”) on the example above. The box named Alt Text is where you choose what will be displayed when someone viewing your Post puts their mouse pointer over the item or if the image is not displayed on their web browser for some reason on their end. Note that I have left the Description box blank because that is not generally used.

  5. Scroll down in the right column, and below the Description box you will see the Attachment Display Settings where you can choose how the item will be displayed within the Post. Generally you’ll want Alignment to be Center, and the only selection you might change is Size if the image will be too big or small in the Post. Note that all of these settings can be changed later.

    Media Display Settings

    Media Display Settings

  6. Click the button at the bottom-right of the screen labeled Insert into post.

Note: If you’d like to change any of the settings for an item after you’ve inserted it into your Post, just click on it and then click the picture icon while the two icons are displayed inside the top-left of the item. The red circle icon lets you delete the item from the Post (it will still be in the Media Library if you want to try again starting at Step 1 above, or use it later).

Edit & Delete Buttons

Edit & Delete Buttons

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