Oct. 10 Meeting: Flexible Flying, Photos, & Cyberia

Flexible Flying, Photos, & Cyberia

Have you ever flown on a long cross country, or at least dreamed about it?

NYC - Hudson VFR Corridor

NYC – Hudson VFR Corridor

This month’s speakers, John & Anne Wiley have flown in 3 countries including every state and province in North America, in varied climates, over the last seven years.

Final - Lethbridge, AB

Final – Lethbridge, AB

They’ve done most of it on a modest retirement income, most recently in their 1983 172Q. They’ve sold aerial photos to the likes of MSNBC, UCSB, authors, and others.

Stanley, ID

Stanley, ID

They’ve also been very involved in “Cyberia” (the internet) since the 1980s, and John has taught college classes on related topics. John has also helped to develop the free Avare aviation app for Android devices.

Avare Screen Detail

Avare Screen Detail

John & Anne are planning an interesting and interactive October meeting for us. They have found that flexibility is key to keeping everything fun.  They’ll explain what works for them, and invite you to share what works best for you.

  • Discover what they’ve found most helpful in flexibly planning and making long VFR flights, connecting with friends & family in an evolving flexible flight plan, and get hands on with an amazing free aviation GPS app/EFB.
  • Hear about tricks for taking, publishing and selling aerial photos and videos.
  • See how they use the internet for all aspects of their flying fun, starting with the new Aero Club/EAA 527 website.

We hope you’ll join us for a fun, fascinating and interactive evening. Refreshments provided.

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