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At this month’s meeting, I promised to post a followup here on our website today. The idea is to share some links and encourage you to join the discussion. I’ve just posted some items on our Forum, and hope you’ll join the discussion there too. By starting to have some of our dialog on our website and forum, we’ll both add to the value we each get from our group and attract new members.

Here then are some links. If anyone posts a Comment here or something on the Forum, I’ll very happily add more links including those I’ve found the most useful and little known. Helpful links to explore:

What websites have you found most useful? Comment or Post here, or on our Forum to get involved and help other pilots. Again, if anyone asks I’ll share some more obscure links that I’ve found most helpful of all.

Happy Flying!  🙂

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2 Responses to Links & Followup

  1. Roger Waldron says:

    John, please
    Tell me the name of the android tablet I saw at the last meeting.

    • John says:

      I’ve changed the name of this News page on our SB Aero Club / EAA-527 website, to “News & Views” so that everyone willing to leave Comments can do it here to make this section of the site home to all discussion that’s not on our Forum. I’ve moved your comment here, and replied in a new Post where you or any other readers could post any followup comments or questions.

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