Free GPS / EFB app Avare

Roger asked:
“John, please tell me the name of the android tablet I saw at the last meeting.”

In addition to showing the old Motorola Droid X and Samsung Galaxy S4 phones, I demonstrated the free Avare GPS / EFB Android app on a Nexus 7 tablet. Right now Amazon has the 2013 model at $230 and version one like mine at $150. You don’t need more than the base 16GB model for Avare (8GB is plenty), but if you want to load it up with a bunch of movies or something else that takes a massive amount of storage you might want the 32GB model. As I mentioned in the presentation, you don’t need a data plan since Avare runs fine without cell or data in “Airplane Mode” once all the free FAA charts & materials are loaded via any wifi hotspot.

Pilots are also using Avare on Nexus and other 10″ tablets, Kindles, and pretty much any phone or tablet that runs Android. Although the Nexus 7 does better in many reviews, other Android tablets have some advantages like built-in USB and/or SD plugs. Again, the Avare app is not available for “iStuff” like the iPhone or iPad.

If you’d like to try out the Nexus 7 and the free Avare app, I believe they’re still available at Radio Shack (and Walmart if you need an excuse for a Lompoc flight) with a return policy. For more details on Avare’s features you can visit Google Play or the Avare website, but best is simply exploring it hands-on.

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