About Eagles

As you probably know, the Santa Barbara Aero Club also goes by the name EAA Chapter 527. EAA started as a group for dauntless builders, so they took the name Experimental Aircraft Association. Before long EAA was a gathering place for everyone interested in aviation, and the massive world famous annual “Oshkosh” fly-in (aka Airventure) is now replicated in miniature around the world at events like this one at SBA.

2013-11-23 SBA Young Eagles

2013-11-23 SBA Young Eagles

This inspiring event was created in collaboration with several other organizations including A Different Point of View and Above All Aviation along with many volunteers and kind help from SBA Air Traffic Control.

In a way, the “E” in our second name could stand for “Eagles.” That’s because one of EAA 527’s major contributions to the local aviation community is our Eagles flights.

The global EAA started Young Eagles as a way to introduce kids to aviation, and it’s been a raging success. Because kids come in all ages, the EAA recently added the Eagle Flights program that introduces adults to the joys and usefulness of aviation.

So far our large events have been for Young Eagles, like the November one pictured above. But our group also offers an increasing number of unpublicized free intro Eagle Flights. Be sure to get in touch if you’d like to get participate in any of our events, as a volunteer or an excited Eagle.

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