Holiday Party & Minutes

Happy Holidays! ๐Ÿ™‚

As your Secretary I’d like to combine a report on tonight’s annual Holiday Party, followed by my brief Minutes of the official meeting (additions and corrections requested).

First off the Party: We had a good turnout. Maybe someone will post the numbers, but I think it was around 40. I intended to post some photos with this article, but forgot to snap any (my wife Anne took this one) so if you have some you’d like to share please contact me about sending them for inclusion. I floated among tables and chatted with many individuals and groups before and after dining, and I can tell you it was great fun!

201454 One Table of Many

201454 One Table of Many

Plenty of conversation about aviation as you’d imagine, but the topics covered an exceptionally wide range. I guess that’s because aviators are not the sort who only read about things in books and newspapers. We’re out exploring, getting around the country much more often and easily than those limited to driving or flying commercial. Maybe you’ve already noticed that aviators are interesting, but somehow it really stood out to me at this party.

The food and dessert were very good, as we’d noted last year. After a fine meal we were treated to a special cake Lloyd Sorensen somehow came up with, sporting a beautiful icing photo of a happy kid & plane at the Young Eagles event. Such a good time we had, with laughter wafting among the conversations. It was a surprise when people started leaving, because it all seemed to go so quickly.

Special Request
I hope you’ll consider taking the time to write up your own experiences of the meeting, interesting new things you’ve heard about, flying stories, photos or anything at all you’d like to share with the group. If we each find one thing to share, this website will continue to attract more visitors. Every visitor increases our chances of attracting a new member. Each new member means we can more effectively promote aviation in our community. That in turn means flying will remain fun and affordable for all. Please let me know if you’d like to help.

See you next year, if not sooner!


  • Called to Order 8:11 and jokingly “adjourned” immediately. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Certificates of Appreciation and pins were presented to contributors, with Jo Duffy earning a long ovation for her many hours of diligent work as VP planning all our monthly speaker events.
  • A new slate of officers was presented, and elected by acclimation:
    • Jo Duffy, President
    • Roger Waldron, Treasurer.
    • John Wiley, Secretary & Website Coordinator.
    • Still Chase agreed to continue as Newsletter Editor.
    • No volunteer was found for the office of VP.
  • Carl Hopkins was warmly appreciated for his diligent service as President.
  • A proposal was floated to divide the presentation organizing work formerly done by the VP. Immediately several people offered to organize one meeting. If anyone has a complete list of volunteers & months so far, please post it.
  • A list was circulated for those who request being informed of events and occasional special news via phone or postal mail. If you’re able to use email or this website we appreciate the work it saves, but if you need alternative means of keeping informed please let us know.
  • Given the growing slate of volunteers willing to take on organizing one month’s presentation, the role of VP can now shift to the more traditional one of filling in to chair a meeting should the President be unavailable. As such, John Wiley offered to serve as VP in that reduced role, along with continuing as Secretary and Website Coordinator. He was nominated and elected unanimously for this re-defined role.
  • Flyouts are being considered for January and February, with details to be announced. Destinations discussed include Pine Mountain Lake E45 and Furnace Creek L06. Note that after the meeting, there was mention of a Baja flyout with an experienced AeroMedicos pilot so please contact John Wiley if you might be interested to discuss it. Seats are available for the flyouts if you’re not flying yourself. If you have seats to offer or would like to ride along, please contact the person coordinating each flyout. Those coordinators will be announced along with the flyouts.
  • Adjourned (officially this time) at 8:29.
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