Web Registration

I’ve been requested by our President and Treasurer to post this notice that the Board informally approved by unanimous consent via email, payment of $18 for annual registration and hosting of our new website address:

SB Aero Club / EAA 527 Website – https://sbaero.com/

We chose this name because more searches for aviation-related websites in our region might include the word “aero” and a smaller number would know that we are also EAA 527. Of course, searching for either will find us so there’s no downside.

Note that it’s just a new shortcut way to access our existing website, and there’s no need to change your web browser bookmark unless you’d like to. Anyone using the old and much longer address is now automatically re-routed to the new SBAero address.

So we encourage you to memorize SBAero as our online address, tell everyone you imagine might be interested, and again we invite you to contribute. Anything you’d like to write about related to aviation or our group, and any photos you’d like to share. By adding lots of new content from a wider variety of members, we will become easier to find online and more attractive to everyone in our group and all interested in aviation.

Happy Flying!

-John Wiley

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