I Love LA

I Love LA!

Have you ever flown VFR in and around the LA Basin? Would you like to handle it with ease and get some tips for making it even easier and more fun?

DSC_0041-Our meeting Thursday March 13th, 7:30-9:00pm at the KSBA Visitors Center is the place to be! Local ATC expert and aviation hero Gary Wang has gathered the latest and most helpful information to help pilots love LA.

Topics include:

  • Class B transitions.
  • LAX SFRA Socal frequencies.
  • Air safety Hot Spots to be aware of near LGB and SMO.
  • Navigation in and around LA class B
  • Details on important factors for HHR.

Be sure to bring your own questions and discoveries for the Q&A after the presentation. After this meeting you’ll be another of the pilots who Love LA for the ease, safety and beauty of VFR there.

DSC_2595-If Gary’s voice sounds familiar to you at the meeting, it’s probably because you heard him herding aircraft. He was born and raised in Taiwan, and moved to the States 18 years ago. He discovered his true calling in aviation during his late twenties, decided to try out air traffic control, and hasn’t looked back. He’s been doing ATC here at SBA for more than 5 years and will share his knowledge and research on both LA & SB airspace.

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