E45 Fly-Out

As one of the lucky SBA participants, I’m happy to report that the SBAC/EAA527 “fly-out” to E45 Pine Mountain Lake was a lot of fun! 🙂

4823 Pine Mtn Lake E45

4823 Pine Mtn Lake E45

The traffic pattern as shown on the free Avare app with Runway Extension indicators on, is over the distant river canyon. So since we wanted a look at the lake and town, we made a high and quiet descent across the field above pattern altitude and dropped into right traffic for 27.

5000 Garage Overflow

5000 Garage Overflow

Residential airports are simply a delight. Unlike nearby Mariposa, a beautiful but sadly deserted airport, E45 is alive with aviation. Homes around the runway are serviced by roads that often double as taxiways, and our hosts Ken & Lynne Orloff made parking space for at least four of our planes at their home. Here, planes (maybe also trains somewhere nearby?) and automobiles blend comfortably with horses, as you can see in their corral above. Across the street they hosted more of us and our planes in their cozy “cabin” that would qualify as a modest mansion here in SB.

5007 Cozy Cabin

5007 Cozy Cabin

The gathering of E45 enthusiasts one night for Ken’s presentation about his consultation work on aviation accidents was both fun and fascinating. Like our hosts, many (probably most) of the residents at the airport and nearby communities are not just aviators, they’re world leading experts. We saw several immaculate aircraft and restorations, including one of Ken’s that just might make it to Oshkosh this year where it would be sure to garner some awards.

Our camera phone’s memory chip died, taking with it our candid shots. So hopefully others who attended will add some of their photos here on our website, and Lynne has promised to email me a group photo that I’ll then add here. Meanwhile, if you’d like to see more of my pix from our trip you could look on my blog, and check out this Edhat item showing some really cool antique planes we chanced to see on the grass crossing runway at nearby O22.

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