Lucky Day

So on Friday we were flying back from the “4C” (Four Corners) Adventure that we’ve been posting on our blog. We’re crossing the desert with flight following, somewhat near I-40 with the lucky squawk code 0777. Controller calls saying we have traffic closing fast at our 6, same altitude, not identified.

After a rapid 500′ climb I taper off to 150fpm and do a couple of s-turns trying to spot the bogie with no joy. ATC and I are still watching when suddenly I see a plane pass 1k’ directly below. I happily tell ATC the traffic’s a B-25 no factor, and then notice a fighter off its left wing and as I’m adding that notice another fighter off the right wing. By the time I got my wits about me and turned to snap this, they were already at maximum zoom range.

Lucky Fly-by

Lucky Fly-by

If you click to see the largest version of this, maybe you can tell what type those WWII fighters are. Whatever they were, I wondered if they were monitoring frequency and knew we were there or just figured as I would that nobody would be way out there to worry about. I felt lucky both to have been on flight following with a controller who was paying attention, and to have enjoyed such a close view of a B-25 in flight. It had to be that 777 code. šŸ™‚

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