Tom Wolf’s DeHaviland Mosquito

At our September meeting we were in awe of Tom Wolf’s award winning hand built Mosquito radio control flying scale model. In his slides were a couple of still photos showing it in flight. Thanks to a followup email from Tom, here are a couple of links to videos on YouTube of it flying.

Lakeland Bomb Drop

Lakeland Bomb Drop

This first video capture is from video of the 2012 Top Gun event in Lakeland Florida. Yes, those are scale bombs being dropped by remote control from the wings and bomb bay. The level of detail and realism in Tom’s construction is simply astounding and, as you can see in the video, his mastery of realism in flight is breathtaking.

Lakeland Landing

Lakeland Landing

If you skip to the end of the video there is this nice landing sequence with people in the shot to help remind you this isn’t an actual WWII Mosquito.

There’s also a documentary video with much more information about the aircraft at this link on YouTube:
This second video documents the first flight in November 2011 at the Santa Ynez airport.

KIZA 1st Flight Taxi

KIZA 1st Flight Taxi

Tom had permission from the KIZA airport manager to do the test flight very early on a weekday, with a 2-way radio to monitor Unicom. They chose a day with dense fog, and flew it had just burned off so there was no inbound or outbound traffic during the short time needed to use the runway area. Here’s another still shot from this second video showing a high speed pass.

IZA Fast Pass

IZA Fast Pass

With probably over 3,000 hours into the project, this first flight would have been really terrifying for me. Yet with his decades of skill and experience (and impressive courage) Tom was able to calmly do his first takeoff, bomb drop, maneuvers, high speed pass, and landing!

For more info about RC aviation, where to see them flying, and how to attend a monthly meeting at the KSBA Visitor’s Center check out the Santa Barbara Radio Control Modelers website:

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