Deactivate? 11/13/2014 Meeting: Deactivate SB Aero Club/EAA 527?

Special November Meeting Topic:
Deactivate SB Aero Club / EAA 527?

Our next meeting will be Thursday, November 13, 7:30pm at the SBA Visitors Center. At this meeting the Board has decided to discuss the possibility of deactivating the SB Aero Club / EAA 527.

Over the past several years the Board has noticed a significant drop in attendance at meetings and an inability to secure volunteers for required officer positions. The meeting this month will focus on determining whether and how our members would like to keep the Club active. If there is interest, we will be looking for new officers for next year. At the moment there are not enough prospects. If you’d like to see our group remain active, please consider volunteering at or before this meeting.

If new leadership cannot be found for next year your Board will apply to the EAA for inactive status. That would mean no meetings and no newsletter, though the website could remain available in modified form in the event officer volunteers should step forward in the future.

Whether you have an interest in deactivating the Club or keeping it alive please make every effort to attend the next meeting. If you are interested but can’t attend, please make your views known asap to one of our officers or to someone you know will be attending.

Please also read any Comments to this post, and add your own.

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