Meeting Impressions

In the near future I hope to publish here the official minutes from tonight’s special meeting (future of our group). First I await a few things sent from others, and need to type up and get Board approval of the Minutes. Meanwhile I want to share my excitement about a few key things.

1. The consensus is to keep SB Aero & EAA527 going.

2. We have a slate of volunteers for next year’s legally required Board.

3. The dues will be $20 per year, to cover minimum expenses.

The likely strategy for 2015 as I currently understand it, is for us to do what we most enjoy as a group based on volunteers willing to take on small tasks. In the past we’ve had a few people doing a lot of work, and going forward we’ll test having more people do less work on things they volunteer for. We already have a tentative list of events (to be announced) that people have volunteered to take on.

I’ll need to confirm, but my understanding of the nominees for 2015 Board are: Bob Gates, Pres.; Roger, Treas.; Joanie, Sec.  I’ll continue as lead on the website, and several others have tentatively offered to contribute content (more content and volunteers are always welcome).

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