11/13/2014 Meeting Minutes

President Jo Duffy called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM.  There were, after a few late attendees, at least 16 people present. In addition we heard from others who were unable to attend but wanted to strongly voice their support and share their suggestions. After the pledge to the flag, Jo opened the meeting to discuss the future of the club.

Jo reported that she had consulted EAA National and was told that we had two choices: disband completely; or remain a chapter with all associated obligations such as annual EAA national insurance, and having a President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  There is no requirement to have regular meetings or speakers.  Jo noted at that point we still had no volunteers for officer positions.

There was much discussion of the history of the club and the two names.  Roger Waldron said we are a State (not Federal) nonprofit. There was some discussion about dropping the EAA part and keeping the SB Aero Club part.  Carl Hopkins pointed out the possible liability of that arrangement and suggested either EAA or informal gatherings.  Bob Gates noted that even “gatherings” consisting of the same members could result in some liability.

New Direction
After further lively and creative discussion a consensus emerged that we will remain an EAA Chapter. Advantages include inexpensive EAA insurance to cover our Board volunteers, and additional publicity via the EAA website and publications. We will  change course slightly to strengthen our group and disperse the workload among a larger number of volunteers. The intention is to keep our group strong and focus on what we most enjoy doing. This will both ensure that group activities are well attended, and that volunteers will step forward to do the reduced amount of work involved. We decided that there would be no regularly scheduled meetings, but that we would have “special events” throughout the year with each event coordinated by a different volunteer.

Still Chase has served for many years as Editor of our excellent Newsletter. In that role, he invested many hours each month pulling together news and information from many sources and working with special software to create a concise and entertaining product. At the meeting he resigned as Editor so that he’ll have more time for his many other interests, and to volunteer in different ways for SB Aero/527. Everyone at the meeting complimented his work and expressed warm appreciation (and applause) for his tireless service. Still said he would continue to maintain an e-mail list and send out announcements as others requested him to do and would maintain, with the Treasurer’s help, the roster.

In place of monthly meetings with speakers organized by one volunteer, we are planning social gatherings and flyouts for 2015. If you would like to see a specific event, speaker or presentation, gathering, or flyout, please consider volunteering to organize it. So far we have the following tentative list of events and coordinators for 2015:
Spring flyout to Pine Mountain – Carl Hopkins
May IZA Airport Day & Young Eagles – Lloyd Sorensen
July BBQ – Still Chase
Flyout to Tehachapi – Bob Gates
December Holiday Party – Jo Duffy

Instead of having a Newsletter, going forward we will replace it with our Website. All news, information, announcements, photos, and official SB Aero / EAA527 business that would have been in the Newsletter will now be placed on the Website by a larger number of people. To accomplish this we are seeking volunteers willing to invest an hour learning the process and an occasional few minutes sharing things on the Website. So please use your web browser app to create a Bookmark or Favorite for the official SB Aero/527 Website:
To volunteer, use the Contact page on the Website.

Concern was expressed that dues be enough to cover our minimum expenses, since we no longer have income from other sources. Roger presented a proposed budget for next year which was approved unanimously.
Dues will be $20.
Expenses authorized are:
•    EAA National insurance (which was $330 for 2013)
•    State filing fees (which are $20 per two years)
•    Annual web site registration of approximately $20.
•    Harry’s deposit (currently $300) for the 2015 party.
•    Other minor expenses approved by the Board.

Board Nominees
With these new strategies in place by consensus, Jo solicited volunteers to serve on the Board. Nominees for 2015 officers are:
Bob Gates for President
Joan Steinberger for Secretary
Roger Waldron for Treasurer
John Wiley volunteered to continue leading the website team.
Nominees for 2015 officers will be elected during our December 11 6pm meeting at the Harry’s Plaza Cafe in Loreto Plaza.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45.

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