Fly L52

John Rodkey and I decided to fly in loose formation to Oceano (L52) back on 11/29 and here are some pix of the fun. It so happened that there was a wing walker showing off for photographers, so I snapped this.

8575 Wing WalkerA friend who flew rode back seat with Anne and me snapped us with John & his daughter Adele.

8567 Happy Fliers

Happy Fliers

We’d flown the Santa Maria River on the way, so coming home we detoured along the coast and split up near Lompoc.

8639 Coming Home

8639 Coming Home

Have you ever flown over VBG? We couldn’t do it because the tower was closed, but they’ve cleared me to do it in the past and it’s fun to see that endless expanse up close. Some day I’d like to do three stop & go landings in one pass there. šŸ™‚

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