L88 New Cuyama

The great little airport at New Cuyama (L88) has been closed for some time, with a deteriorating runway surface. Local hero John Rodkey is pleased to report that according to Lompoc Ed, L88 is again certified with the California DOT, and open as an official airport. He flew over it a week ago and the “X” markings are gone. The surface has been repaired and slurried, new markings painted on it, and it is ready for us to descend upon it. The FBO section of the AirNav entry has this report: “The resurfacing is now complete and CalTrans has officially removed the “X’s” from the runway, indicating it is fully open for operation. We will be working on an ALP and CUP for the airport and hope to include hangars, fuel, shade ports, additional tie down space, and business opportunities.

The highly rated Buckhorn restaurant a short walk from L88 transient parking has been remodeled, has a new menu, with many excellent choices. There’s an article about it in the Indy.  The Burger Barn is another fun option.

Cuyama Valley Wildflowers

Cuyama Valley Wildflowers

I’ve found it to be a bit over half an hour flight from SBA at an easy pace dodging the condor preserve, with plenty of great scenery along the way including the possibility of wildflowers.

West of Cuyama

West of Cuyama

At the West end of Cuyama Valley are some fascinating rock formations near the bend in the highway, and that western route’s nice when we’d like to avoid climbing to go direct across the mountains. On many flights out to Cuyama we fly the extra few minutes beyond for a look at Soda Lake, the fascinating massive Painted Rock, and the San Andreas Fault out in California Valley.

Painted Rock

Painted Rock

John hopes that we can individually and perhaps as a group or groups visit this location, and let the developers know how much we appreciate his investment. Weather looks good out there this weekend and the hills may have tinges of green from the late rains, so maybe we’ll see you out there. Together we can help keep our local small airports going strong.


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