New Cuyama News

First off, the Cuyama airport (L88) is very much open. Approaching from the South, the new topcoat and runway markings look great.

L88 Aerial to NE

L88 Aerial to NE

There’s a very faded windsock on the North side of the runway mid-field, but unless the wind strongly favors 28 (I’d say over 15kt) you might do best using the uphill slope on 10 for landing and downhill 28 for departure. The surface is in good condition from the fresh slurry coat, but a little rough underneath. We didn’t see any big holes that would indicate soft-field procedures for our 172, and the Piper & Bonanza pilots didn’t seem troubled either.

gMaps Sat View

gMaps Sat View

As you can see from this older gMaps sat view, the runway used to look quite different. I’ve added notes where Buckhorn and the market are, South of the highway a couple blocks from the ramp. Next to the highway by the Burger Barn is a gas station.

L88 Ramp

L88 Ramp

The first thing we notice across from the ramp is that enigmatic little white building on the left in this pic, that would make a perfect art deco soft ice cream stand. It’s the “Khalili,” and I found the story on this old website.  At the left edge of this pic you can also see the white box with round window for the airport guest book.

Blue Sky Signboard

Blue Sky Signboard

Our next discovery was this signboard with info about the Blue Sky project. It apparently has some connections with Goleta, so maybe we’ll get more info from someone here or on Edhat. Here’s a summary of what I’ve found out:

From Signboard text: “The Blue Sky Sustainable Living Center is a newly established 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable corporation that will function as a host entity, providing space and resources to existing programs and organizations working to advance sustainable living practices through demonstration, education, research, and community collaboration.”

From Website: “Our mission is to provide a place, at low or no cost, for applied education, technical research, demonstration, and community collaboration of sustainable living best practices and technologies.”

Goleta Connection: There appears to be a connection between Cuyama and Goleta in articles posted on this earlier and apparently now inactive website.

From SB County Filings: “…facility of approximately 22,000 square feet located on the Cuyama Airport property. The facility, which would include a residential component for students and faculty, would focus on developing and teaching sustainable building practices and applied alternative energy techniques through research, education and demonstration.” [link]

“…(1) a new bathhouse of approximately 908 square feet; and (2) approximately 39,615 (0.91 acre) of drought-tolerant landscaping. The following structures currently exist on the parcel: 1 story office building of approximately 5,600 square feet, a storage building of approximately 960 square feet, Khalili Building of approximately 400 square feet, a split level warehouse of approximately 7,150 square feet, a shop of approximately 2,520 square feet, a workshop/garage of approximately 5,400 square feet, and a shed of approximately 744 square feet, for a total of approximately 22,774 square feet of structural development. The property is a 24.82 acre parcel zoned M-RP” [link]

We saw a poster at the Burger Barn while walking back to L88 for a May 15 free BBQ with live music hosted by the Cuyama Valley Recreation District. But neither the CYRD website nor anybody we’ve asked has info about it, so I guess maybe it was last year. As we left I snapped this view of the town, with the rwy10 marking top-left & Buckhorn at the bottom-right edge. I’m going to submit more words & pix for my next Edhat item about this fascinating little town so near by air.

L88 Aerial to SW

L88 Aerial to SW

Shall we think about a flyout sometime soon before weather heats up out there? Maybe offer a small Young Eagles event for the local kids or something else to generate interest and support for the airport?

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