Holiday Party & Election

Once again we all enjoyed a wonderful holiday party. As usual the food was good, and the camaraderie of aviators was fantastic. Because he is humble and quiet, some of us were startled to learn that Roger is an engaging and skilled public speaker when he presented the election of SBAero/EAA27 2016 officers.

202310 Election - right

202310 Election – right

Yes, they’re applauding him and no the caption isn’t indicative of political leaning. I couldn’t fit everyone into a photo (maybe next year I’ll remember to bring a good camera!) so here’s the rest of the room in slices.

202324 Election - center

202324 Election – center

There’s an extra note of interest from holding our party in this room, added by the old photos around the walls. Every year I intend to look at them, and every year I’m far too distracted by all the friends old and new and the latest fascination aviation stories and developments.

202401 Election - left

202401 Election – left

As usual, Carl quietly contributed to preparations and thankless tasks so we all appreciated the chance to applaud all he contributes to our group and the aviation community. Speaking of which Carl was enthusiastically elected as 2016 President, Still as Secretary, and Roger kindly stayed on as Treasurer.

203843 Officers 2016

203843 Officers 2016

With only my phone camera it was impossible to get any good pix, so if you have some feel free to post or send them. That said, here’s a bad pic of a Great group – our amazing 99s.

204524 Fourteen 99s

204524 Fourteen 99s

One of the three tasty cakes carries a wish for all aviators as we approach 2016.

203652 Happy Holidays!

203652 Happy Holidays!

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