More ADS-B (coverage)

I was inspired by Carl’s excellent Thursday presentation to look up a few online ADS-B resources regarding the FAA Ground Station transmitters. Here’s where the FAA says (interactive link at the bottom of this page) you’ll get ADS-B in reception (non-coverage shown in salmon color) at 500’AGL in the SouthWest region:

ADS-B Coverage at 500' SW

ADS-B Coverage at 500′ SW

In the hope they may be of interest or value to other members, below are some links.


Transmitter Locations

SB Region: (FAA transmitter number) located in the Broadcast Peak area (serving IZA, SBA, etc.)

SLO Region: – CA017 San Luis Obispo – CA018 Paso Robles (central valley)

LA Region: – CA013 Santa Monica Mtns – CA014 Mt. Wilson, LA – CA016 Victorville – MHV00 Mojave

Source: Pilots Of America (POA) – John Collins, “Feedback on ADS-B tower locations”

Approximate CA015 Coverage at 10’AGL

Map of coverage similar to our CA015, from a low power TV station near the SBA/IZA ADS-B tower:

Approximate Locations of ADS-B Transmitters:

Interactive FAA ADS-B Coverage Map (By Altitude):

More samples from this 3/11/2015 map (salmon color=no coverage):

ADS-B Coverage at 500'

ADS-B Coverage at 500′

ADS-B Coverage at 1500'

ADS-B Coverage at 1500′

ADS-B Coverage at 3000'

ADS-B Coverage at 3000′

ADS-B Coverage at 5000'

ADS-B Coverage at 5000′

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