SBA Rules Info

You may have received a letter from Friends of  SBA General Aviation outlining concerns regarding rules changes proposed by the Airport Commission.  If you didn’t receive it, or if you’d like a shortcut to the website they created, you can click the link above. There you can read about their concerns and find links to documents including the proposed rule changes.

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2 Responses to SBA Rules Info

  1. Jeff K says:

    This email us confusing and almost unreadable. Too many links. Please clarify and clean it up

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    • John says:

      Hi Jeff,
      I welcome any specific suggestions about making it less confusing or unreadable for you that you’re willing to share. I see only one link, on the words: Friends of SBA General Aviation. What other links are you seeing?

      EDIT: Ah, I was looking at the post here on sbAero which has only one link. I’ll take a stab at clarifying the one on our Forum (3 links) and again welcome your feedback.

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