Fire Info

I’d like to clarify about my brief announcement requesting photos or info any of you may have (or want) related to the fire. There’s a new community info website named SBitZ.NET that’s set up as a place for anyone with or wanting fire info (or other future emergencies) to share. It’s been very helpful for residents and their loved ones afar, especially those evacuated with little access to info.

It’s actually a Google Group email list, so it’s convenient to use on any computer or smartphone. Check it out if you’re interested, and please consider snapping and sharing photos or video if you’re flying with a view of the fire. As you ‘ll see in this Wednesday’s posts, Anne and I took a quick flight from SBA to Montecito at 5.5k’ MSL a mile South of the TFR with flight following and posted some pix. We’ve received reports that it helped people get a sense of where the fire was.

Thanks, Happy Holidays, and Happy Flying.

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