Please Sign up to Help KSBA ATC during Shutdown

Please Help KSBA ATC during Shutdown

I am sure you know the air traffic controllers at SBA are not being paid. After discussing the situation with the tower I learned they are limited it what kind of things they can take from the public. But they can accept FOOD and they really like it. If you would like to help providing FOOD here are the basics.

•Plan FOOD for 20 people.

•Go to this link ( and register, then put your name on the calendar for the day you want. We need this to prevent several donors from showing up on the same day.

•Deliver it to the tower about 11AM. Drive to the gate, call 805 681 0534 and tell them you have FOOD.

That’s all there is to it.

I guarantee the controllers will like it and know we appreciate them.

Happy Flying
Paul Trent

Note: The previous post here, and the calendar it linked to have been deleted because MealTrain is more convenient.

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